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A healers most sacred work is not the offering of their medicine to you, it is the work of guiding you to the medicine you hold, to re-member the healer in you.


At Spiritual Connections & Healing, I offer a range of services to help you achieve peace, healing, and balance in your life. From Psychic Mediumship Readings to Reiki Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling to Mentorships and Live Events, my goal is to guide you on your journey toward a more fulfilling life.


Connect with your spirit guides and loved ones through our Psychic Mediumship readings. In-person/online.

Reiki Energy Healing

Promotes balance and relaxation for the mind, body, and soul. Aids in the recovery of emotional and physical trauma.

Spiritual Counseling

I am here to support you on your spiritual journey.  I will help you discover your life's purpose and provide guidance to connect with your true self.

Events & Workshops

Calendar of Events 

Enhance your skills with our practice circles for all level mediums. 


Learn to be a spirit communicator with a program designed specifically for your needs.

Events & Workshops

Workshop and event announcements to help you spiritually align and further your understanding of spirit.


Audrey M.

"Christie May is not only a very talented, accurate psychic medium but you are guaranteed a fun and uplifting experience. Everything was right on and just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much."

Matais O.

"I can only say thank you so much for the amazing experience. She gives accurate details about the people she's in contact with, it's simply amazing! Definitely a wonderful - don't miss the opportunity."

Kara S.

“Christie was just what I needed. I walked into the store so heavy with sorrow and she was able to energetically heal me, teach me great techniques and lifted up my soul. So thankful she and I met.”

Nila N.

"I attended the grounding & shielding workshop and it was absolutely fab cause prior to that I had tried to wire down for days without success and the workshop settled my nervous system and soothed me. Thank you Christie for a great workshop" 😊

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