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My name is Christie May

I have been aware of spirit from the time I was a child. From seeing my great great grandmother, who had passed prior to my birth, at the end of my bed as I slept at night, to being visited by my grandfather after his passing when I was a teen. As I got older I continued to sense the spirit of other people's loved ones and have it validated. I have taken this ability to connect with spirit to bring spiritual healing and guidance to those in need through a psychic mediumship readings and energy healing.


How I Work With Spirit

  • As an Evidential Medium I bring forth evidence of your loved ones in spirit and pass on any message they have for you.

  • As a Psychic Intuitive I am able to give you clarity on relationship’s, money, travel career, etc.

  • As a Reiki Energy Healer I can channel healing energy from the spirit realm to help you release and reduce physical and/or emotional pain.

  • As a Spiritual Mentor & Counselor I can help you connect to your higher self as well as teach you how to commune with your spirit team to help you find peace and happiness in your life.


I am available in person at my office in Maple Grove, MN or online via Zoom. I can also provide my services in your home if you prefer.


I am so happy and eager to bring healing to you from the spirit realm. It is my calling - and my honor - to be the conduit of this loving intelligent energy. Check out my services page to book a session with me.

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More about how I got here:

After graduating from collage and many years in the "Corporate World" I had a very difficult and life changing experience and found my true calling in life as a conduit of Spirit. I worked diligently on my own, discovering what it means to live life. I threw away old narratives of what others told me I should be doing with my life and found the path I am meant to live. I accepted the fact that I have the ability to channel spirit and started studying evidential mediumship, learned to trust my psychic intuition, earned my Reiki Master/Teacher certification as well as my certification as a life coach. 


I have over 20+ years of teaching adults helping them to be successful in their work. I have developed and taught over 50 courses and seminars that increased their knowledge and abilities in their job performance. I developed streamlined work flow systems that allowed people to be efficient and effective in their jobs duties, to include assisting managers to keep their departments at a higher efficiency to meet and/or exceed expected performance measures. My students ranged from mail clerks to executive management.


I now take this experience and knowledge and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to connect to spirit and communicate their messages to those of us still here in the physical world.

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