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Public Speaking Engagements

 Christie May is an evidential medium who has the ability to bring forth evidence of loved ones in spirit and passes on messages of love, compassion, & healing to those still here in the physical world.

I perform live Demonstration of Mediumship, where I will connect with the audiences loved ones who have crossed over bringing forth evidence of continuity of life after death, along with messages of love and healing.

  • 2021 to Present - I have done several (5+) live demonstrations of mediumship as described above over zoom video conferences. I continue to schedule these periodically. Check the "Events" page if you would like to attend.

  • Fall of 2023 & Spring of 2024 - Presenter & Practitioner at Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center (501.3c) for their "Women's Wellness Weekend". 

If you are holding a function or gathering where this type of presentation would be suited for you please contact me by either filling out the contact form and I will call you asap. Or you can schedule a zoom call with me by clicking the button below.

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