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Mentorship Program

Unlock your potential as a Spirit Communicator with my Mentorship Program. My personalized approach to teaching is tailored to fit your unique needs and learning style, and is available both online and in-person. As an experienced mentor I offer one-on-one guidance for you to attune to your psychic abilities confidently. I will show you how to navigate the world of spiritual communication in:

  • Psychic Intuitiveness

  • Evidential Mediumship

  • Communicating with your spirit guides

Book a free informational service call and lets talk about how I can help you connect with your abilities to communicate with the spirit world.

Student Testimonials

Christi Ann, GA

I am beyond blessed to have had Christie May as a spiritual mentor! She has helped to advance my mediumship in more ways than I can even imagine! She customizes each mentorship to the what the clients goals are. She helped guide me on how to deepen my connection with spirit & better understand my own ways of communicating with spirit. She has guided me on the structures of a reading & informed & prepared me for the various experiences a medium can have with a sitter. Situations that I would have never thought of before & made me feel comfortable for whatever may come my way in a reading! She has taught me how to deliver my evidence/messages in a more sensitive/compassionate & tactful manner that really allows my sitters to feel comfortable & connected with their loved one in spirit. She is incredible at supporting you in your readings & truly becomes your biggest cheerleader! Unlike many other spiritual teachers/mentors/leaders, she is open & non judgmental of the different styles of reading, practices, meditations, & way of connecting with spirit! She has taught me many other amazing skills that I not only use in my readings but that I also use in my daily life. Basically, Christie May is AMAZING & anyone would be lucky to have her as a spiritual mentor!

V. B., Spain

"I am so grateful to Christie, she managed to teach me the mechanics in a very clear way, solving all my doubts and questions, very easy-going, kind and fun. But mainly, she got me to leave my freeze state, where I was stuck, terrified to even try evidential mediumship. Thanks to Christie I am now able to practice doing readings without being afraid. She is a great mentor and gives all kinds of support. I would absolutely recommend her, she was amazing with me.”

Callen Huff, MN

Christie May taught me how to connect with my higher self. She did this by actually leading me through the method she teaches and it is simple and direct. She answered all the questions that I had and guided my thinking toward my, and everyone’s, natural ability to accomplish this. She is so warm and wonderful. Thank You
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