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Our Next Event: July 21, 2024


There are 3 sessions:

  • Session 1: 1 - 2 pm 

  • Session 2: 2:30 - 3:30pm

  • Session 3: 4 - 5pm

Times are Central USA Time

During a session you will receive 3- 15 minute readings from 3 different top rated practitioners per session. You can sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 sessions. 


The types of readings you can expect at this fair include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Psychic Intuitive

  • Evidential Mediumship

  • Oracle/Angel Cards

  • Tarot Cards

  • Animal Communication

  • Spiritual Assessments

  • Inspired Writings/Poems

Our Practitioners

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(Click on the name to see their Bio)

Practitioner Bio's

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Roxanne Romero

I am an evidential Psychic Medium. I specialize in helping you connect with your loved ones who have passed, guiding you through the healing process.

This gift is something I have felt aware of throughout my life, and I feel privileged to have been given this ability to help others.  I have spent years developing my skills with various mentors and teachers.  I continuously attend weekly practice circles and training courses to refine my abilities and gain new experiences

This journey has been immensely healing for me, and I hope to do the same for you. I am excited to connect with you and your loved ones and offer you my services.


Marisa Love

I always knew I had "psychic stuff" to do in life, but when I discovered I was ALSO a medium in 2020, everything made a LOT more sense. I never looked back. All in, baby!

It is my greatest honor to serve Spirit, Humans, and Animal Companions through my unique readings and spiritually based exploration play shops. I enjoy using color magic to unfold psychic messages and love the spiritual charades of sacred communication with those who have graduated from the earth form. Channeling the written word for insights from Guides & Soul Self is my specialty, and I am on a mission to help my fellow magic makers unlock and understand their OWN unique gifts!

My goal is to assist people on their own path of Remembrance so that together we can dream a brighter world into being.

I left my rock'n'roll bartender life in the city circa 2021, following my heart's call to a small town in the Catskills where I now live a quiet life with my husband of 17 years, two house rabbits, 2 cats, and 1 ancient suckerfish (who traveled 3.500 miles with us). I am an open book and love meeting new spiritually curious people.

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Liz Murphy

Liz Murphy is an Evidential Medium, connecting you with the passed loved ones you want to hear from the most.


She offers detailed evidence and meaningful messages, so you'll know for sure that your loved ones are ok and still part of your life. 

A reading with Liz will help you find the closure, validation, and relief you need to keep moving forward.

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I am a Psychic Medium and conscious trance channel. I was made aware of my gifts in a life reading from a wonderful astrologer in 2009 and stepped out to work professionally as a psychic in October 2010. 

Coming from an intuitive family background, I've been increasingly involved in metaphysics. The psychic impressions that I receive are all-sensory. They include hearing, seeing, sensing, and feeling.

Through many transitions and life situations I have learned to re-define myself and start over.  If you are at a transition point in life and have questions or seek clarity and help with re-direction, my guides and I would love to help you find the lighted path.


My journey into mediumship began soon after my grandmother passed.  she came to me in a vision and surrounded by light and peace.  She Expressed that she would play an important part in my new chapter in my life.

Since then, I have dedicated countless hours to developing my psychic and mediumistic abilities that I have had since childhood but had simply "forgotten." I continue to hone the ability to be a bridge, and my aim is to serve as a vessel for messages of love, guidance, and support.

My approach to each session is one of compassion, integrity and appreciation for both sides of the veil, recognizing the profound responsibility entrusted to me both by the Sitter and the Spirit Communicator. Prior to my journey into mediumship, I worked with clients in the field of nutrition assisting in their well-being journeys through intuitive and guided coaching. I am also a creative commercial photographer in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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I am an Evidential Spirit Medium and Psychic. I connect to the souls of the living and deceased, bringing through detailed, evidence-based information that opens up the door to connection, healing, guidance and support.

Since 2020, I have been honored to build upon my in-born gift and read with accuracy, heart, and detail for more than 1,000 people from all over the world including from the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Kuwait, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico.

If you are dealing with the grief over the loss of a loved one, or seeking clarity of the heart and soul purpose, it is my honor to connect you with Spirit to enhance your life and your paths going forward.

Candice Purchase

I am an Evidential Medium, bringing through your passed loved ones with delivering evidence that they are with us and messages. I am incredibly passionate to help you on your healing journey

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Psychic Medium - Connecting Souls, Illuminating Paths

Since I was very young, I had a strong sense that I was interacting with a world that I could not see. Throughout my life I have had such a deep appreciation for nature. It was in these moments, and when I began meditating, that I began to form a deeper connection with the spirit World.

Over the years I have developed a very strong line of communication with the spirit world. In my readings I am able to provide evidence of our passed loved ones and spirit guides' presence in our lives, as well as, deliver messages and provide insight from their perspective that will foster healing and growth in our physical lives.

While we may not be able to see our spirit guides, and our loved ones are no longer with us physically, they are still very much a part of our lives, guiding, loving and supporting us through every moment. I am honored to have the opportunity to bring awareness to these cennections and be a communicator between the two worlds.


I began developing evidential mediumship skills in 2021 following the loss of a loved one. I was determined to learn mediumship even though it was not something I had been aware of prior in my life.

I devoted myself to studying it full-time and logged in hundreds of practice hours. I feel very grateful to be where I am today. I am able to connect to people who have passed and let others that death is not real.

Knowing that there is life after death has been the biggest revelation in my life and I hope to share that with others so that they can take comfort knowing their loved ones are very much alive in spirit, always with us and still very much a part of our daily lives.

After learning evidential mediumship, I began offering psychic assessment readings. They offer uplifting insight into the current lives of my clients, ideas of how to improve any current issues and reminders of little moments in your recent life to be thankful for.

Clients often leave these readings feeling empowered, seen and happy!

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Effie embarked on a journey to pursue her true calling as a highly respected Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Medium. Her natural ability to connect with the spiritual realm has been honed over the years through extensive training under respected revered leaders. Rest assured, Effie Linke is an internationally recognized medium with a wealth of experience and a sterling reputation. Her dedication to delivering accurate, compassionate, and insightful readings has touched the lives of many. Trust in Effie's expertise as she guides you with authenticity, integrity, and a deep reverence for the spiritual realm. She provides a unique perspective and dedication to her craft, making Effie a true inspiration to people worldwide, reminding us that anything is possible with perseverance, hard work, and a deep connection to the spiritual realm. ​As an Ordained Minister, Effie is continuously learning psychical studies and philosophy, she recently was appointed as a licensed metaphysical minister in Canada to provide weddings, funerals, baptisms and/or the couples choice of services, she is a loving mother, is passionate about animals, RVing, theater and cottaging.

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I have been communicating with the spirit world my entire life, but I started reading professionally for clients about 4 years ago after a very traumatic loss of a close family member. Evidential mediumship can be very healing and can help people deal with the grief of losing a loved one. I am a psychic, evidential medium and animal communicator.


I heard spirit loud and clear growing up but only when I needed a message. Sometimes I would even astral travel in my dreams. I also get messages from spirit in my dreams. 

I started reading tarot cards for myself and a few friends in the 80's. I was amazed that messages can come through that way as well. I have continued to expand on my gifts by becoming a Reiki Master and some of my other experiences have been ancestral healing, psychometry, astral travel, channeling, mediumship and spirit photography.

nothing like a walk in the woods late at night. I always enter the woods with love for nature in my heart. I believe you can find what you are looking for so I chose love. I also "clear" houses of unwanted energy. I love helping people in whatever way I can!

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Hi, My name is Leekeisha :) However my loved ones call me 'Keisha' but I practice my gifts as the name 'Keishalee'
I am bestowed with the gifts of CLAIRVOYANCE * INTUITIVE * ANGEL CARD READING
and HEALING abilities. I first experienced my gift at around age 7 when my late uncle appeared to me one night in Los Angeles; dressed in a white suit and red tie. I told my mother about the appearance of my late uncle and she told me that my grandmother buried him just what I described on his funeral day back in Mississippi a week earlier. My mother and grandmother were not surprised as, little did I know, we shared a common gift. A strict Christian upbringing made it a challenge to fully realize our gifts. Such a casual experience did not make it immediately apparent to me. Feelings of self-doubt, opinions of my parish at the time and what seemed like an eternal adolescence left me in limbo and with a sense of unease.
Angel Cards have become cornerstone to my healing practices. I have worked with individuals in need of healing following the passing of a loved one or in times of self-searching requiring guidance and insight from higher sources. I often make use of crystals, gemstones, incense, candles, sage, and palm reading.
Individuals seeking answers have motivated me to make my session a learning experience where I pass on my knowledge of meditation, manifestation and affirmations.
Healing through channeling of energies, healing both the physical and mental ailments of my clients, I often channel my guides when doing a reading or through meditation for healing purposes. I also make practice of my 'Healing Meditations' by asking people on my social media if they need healing, whether it be physical or mental.

As a teacher, I've taught the power of manifestation and self worth. I've also taught one on how to properly
meditate. My clients have often come back and said that my meditations have become a life changing experience and tool for them. I also teach how to raise ones vibration to a higher frequency and relase negative energies and past negativity. My intentions will always be to help others have Hope, joy, peace, health and abundance. My goals are to help others heal first and have self love for themselves before they set out the desires of their heart. My own struggles have allowed me to realize and acknowledge my purpose and gifts, which is to help others achieve healing, self-worth and the abundance of life itself. It is my calling and passion and feel led to carry this out until my soul calls me home. *Namaste*


Born in Brooklyn,N.Y.   I now live in Florida.  I retired from my career as a medical transcriptionist in 2007.  At that time I started reading and exploring the world of energy and vibration which led to my desire to do work in that direction.

I went back to school and became a licensed massage therapist.  During those ears my hands-on experience led me to healing modalities, psychic and mediumship opportunities. When I ended my massage practice I was able to devote all of my time to the energy healing practice along with the mediumistic/psychic side of the work.  Somewhere around 2013 I started taking classes and have been mentored by many wonderful mediums from the Arthur Findlay College as well as others with excellent reputations.

Today I enjoy the skills that my soul has opened to me. I believe that none of this work can be done without one's soul being attached to every piece of the work.  I hope to be able to bring healing to anyone looking for help physically using energy healing or to bring those in spirit back to life for those looking to connect with their loved ones who  have gone on to the next phase of life.  

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